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Cap Plox Helloooooo RoF :):):)
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NoBoomBoomPls   capppppyyyyyy
thorny   omg your alive, we where alrdy discussing splitting the funeral costs for our former dictator ;/, glad to see i dont have to sent any gold to burry you <3
Cap Plox   We'll see trying to muster up some time to play and enjoy it! and hello, hello hope everyone is well!
Nnaiya NtuUpdate from anet regarding the teamchat bug: [link]

TL, DR: no ETA for a complete fix atm, but they're working on it and are cleaning people up as best they can in the meantime. :)
Team Chat broken?
It looks like Team chat is broken once more. As with last time, people are able to see my messages but I am not able to see theirs. I am able to see the messages of other people af...
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InvasionsOfBuns   *Disabling it = Less problems = less reports = Less work = Happy Anet*
Eidan   Smart anet lol. Btw it seems back to normal now
Ring of Fire Community has reached a new record of 2000 registered users today!
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Ethereal DianaLooks like our WVW STATUS module will not be working for an extra day.
API downtime Oct 30-Nov 1.
We're doing some hardware maintenance and the GW2 APIs will be down from 3PM PST Oct 30th to 7PM PST Nov 1st.
Gizmo AsgardDid everyone get a RoF rule reminder about flaming/drama/discrimination? Or was it directed to me personally as a warning?
Ethereal Diana   Idk, might of been you cleared cookies or something because that pop-up was sent to all members but 2 weeks ago.
Ethereal Diana   Nevermind, I saw the logs and will send a PM to Gizmo.
thorny   since whenn is trolling a crime? i do it on daily basis whenever im online :d
Ethereal DianaAs detailed in the latest News post I will be shutting down the TS server in 10 minutes for mandatory maintenance. I will update you here once everything is back up again (I expect it will take less than 5 minutes).
Ethereal Diana   Maintenance is complete. I will keep an eye on it for the next 2-3 hours. Fingers crossed!
Nnaiya Ntu   Thank you!
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