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Char QuinnComing soon.... This time for charity [link] watch this space...
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Rikuza tagAnd they Dont stop coming: I hit the enemy and they started running. Hey now: You're a RoF star.
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Char QuinnForgot to make public XD Enjoy Zoi highlights reel keep up the good work boys and girls!
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Char QuinnAnother PoV
Drunken Raid - Riverside Catwalk - GW2 WvW
Many lols this day. Thanks to riverside for being a good spo...
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PluralFish tag  wtf. So 3k ppl have heard me shouting while drunk? GG
Char Quinn   another 4k you mean? the previous drunken video had 4.8k hits here - [link]
Char Quinn   i love the link for that one also, it has RoF in it!
Cap Plox [link] - Zyndril's PoV of the Riverside Catwalk xD
Germans on the Cat Walk
Germans on the Cat Walk - Clipped by ZeldaChannel
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PluralFish tag  10/10 for riverside for being epic there. Honestly was an epic raid.
Divine By Choice   glorious ;D
Char QuinnSorry for all the spam but anyone good with enjin websites etc? This "guilds" thing needs reworking and updating for sure! Let's get our community website fully updated!
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Ethereal Diana   The page was custom made while I was dabbling with html/css/js. Was a fun project and updating is fairly easy. The main problem is that the files are hosted on the RoF Community website where only Admins can edit. And because of the rudimentary file manager you can't edit them on the fly, you have to download the files, modify them and them re-upload them overwriting the existing ones. That took time when I had less and less to spare.

The solution: I can show some one else how to maintain it and either they source a free host (easy) or they can send me the modified files and I can upload them each time there is an update. The hard part is getting the person to commit to it.
Char Quinn   speak with Jak he mentioned he has someone to take care of this
Jak Leaf   It's being done, don't expect instant results tho
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