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Ava Moehey everyone! i'm a Norwegian player just that just transferred from NA (jade quarry) i couldn't get a definitive answer on this but, what is the policy on this forum about user created content? (roaming videos) and such!

Any answer is appreciated :)
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Hushy   Also Welcome :)
Char Quinn   welcome :d bring more american base players for nightshift with you please! (note FIRE wyman is based USA and does alot of night commanding usually also). ALso yes footage is good, but if you upload please tag your server in I find more videos of cool rof stuff gets people to come visit us :d
Lilly   Welcome! :)
Char QuinnRelink hype?
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PluralFish tag  #Awkward
Char Quinn   i was certain it was this week :/ damn i got my weeks mixed up!
Soulentra   U made everyone confused so we transferred already to Rof haha :d *just teasing*
Gideonino worries guys. 3d 8hr later we have hbl hills lmao
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Sark   Grab, pull and toss...but that 5-man 5 catas was totally worth it XD
Char Quinn   Yea we need to get keeps back quicker I know blobs dont help but often rof forget how to ppt ill write some small guide for tips on how to start breaking a t3
Char Quinn   [link] some advice on taking t3, post comments if you have any other pro tips i'm sure there are loads.
Cap Plox [link] this is on the forum thread but its so good it needs to be front page.
17/06/2017 22:27
Uploaded by MissZelda on 2017-06-19.
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zemiacsik   thank you guys, I'm going to write my story, just need a moment :d omg, I knew it should be suprise bar, I think I was at every other bar asking and only that one was closed and that doors.. looked so familiar, that was the thing I could describe it from inside to every detail but I haven't clue about its outside :d
Wientje   It smelled like toilet inside Zemi, big green letter outside "surprisebar" and we were the only ones at the inside. XD what a surprise. :p
We called surprisebar try to find yur stuff, but they just wont answer the phone. Couldnt find any other contact information like email or something.... im sorry
zemiacsik   Yeah, I even wrote that bar to my notes to write them when I come home. This 'we were the only ones at the inside' was one of strongest memories too :d
GideoniSooooo how did the meet up go?
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Lilly   New of couple is Plant and Jordan
Nnaiya Ntu   New couple must be Cappy and whoever is holding him during the Titanic reenactment!
Akura Dat Reaper   It's obviously Godisch and Cappy, Godisch even lapdanced for him! :d
Sunreaver DuendeWelcome to all our new recruits! Hope you enjoy your stay in RoF! If you need anything regarding our community website or teamspeak, feel free to send me a message here, a mail or whisper in game (Duende.7436) and I will help you in any way I can!
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