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Cap Plox   added 90 Advanced days to Ring of Fire Community
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Cap PloxWhat an amazing night, I love you all thanks so much for coming and making my year once again! Really keeping me going through anything I FUCKING love the rof community
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PluralFishDrunken raid warmup tomorrow! need to practice my 1111 as I am rusty! See you there
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Ruben   whats up with rof ts? server version too old for this command?
Cap Plox   Missed the warm up I was ill xD ITS NEARLY HERE THOUGH HYPE
AgnofinitraDRN Anniversary will be back 8 Sept! So prepare your livers and stockpile on booz!
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thalos   Ha! Got this from Cap on my snapchat (which I never use). HYPE!
thalos   What time is it tonight?
PluralFish   Going to start early to avoid the queue
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