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Mat Blake   added 90 Advanced days to Ring of Fire Community
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Dagon tag  Mat Blake ladies and gentlemen. RoF's official defibrillator :p
Nnaiya Ntu   omg XD
Dagon tagWell...

So long everyone, it used to be / has been fun.

Nnaiya Ntu   We had some good times! :) See you in-game or on the RoF discord! (The link is [link] I think - let me know if it doesn't work.)
Nnaiya Ntu   Although I guess the site might just revert to the free version if we're lucky?
vin   Goodbye people, and thanks for the fun!
PapaEmeritusXIEllo, how is everyone doing? Fairly new to the game, not necessarily looking for a guild but i you want to do random shit (like wvw, pve world exploration, dungeon, frac, etc) hit me up :)
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Ethereal Diana   Welcome!
Mat Blake   Welcome here!
Valerian_The_Casual   2 Bad games ded
thalosHello :)
Ethereal Diana   Hi :d
Ethereal DianaI hope that Mat's generous donation will be the last we'll ever need. I don't intend the previous statement to be ominous but rather a spring cleaning for If anyone is interested in helping out creating a custom bare-bones website that we can host on the VPS that we use for our TS that would be great. The most important feature I want there is the ability to allow accounts to post/interact if they go though an automatic verification system based on their API key (like other GW2 WvW communities have). I'll also need help with migrating some of the important topics/articles currently on Enjin. Hit me up if you can lend a hand.
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Mat Blake   do u use a framework for this project?
Ethereal Diana   @Matt: I don't have a preference. Any framework that can accomodate this project is fine with me.
Ethereal Diana   No one ? :(
Mat Blake   added 90 Advanced days to Ring of Fire Community
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Dino   If only we could go back to the start
Cap Plox   @dino [link]
Dino   Sad tumbleweed :'(
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